Jit is even for service industry

Lean Principles in Service Industry

Facestore emerged in as the first e-commerce solution integrated in social networks, allowing the creation of online stores within Facebook, without the customer having to leave the social network interface. In the old system, McDonalds kept high inventories in order to be able to serve the customers fast.

For example, Japanese faced several problems while implementing this philosophy such as suppliers have been blamed for inconsistency in the delivery process due to traffic problems.

On the other hand, there were huge price differentials between public and private sector manufacturing units in Pakistan as SCCP i-e the scientific committee on consumer products fixed cement prices much lower for the public sector companies.

Wafa and Yasin pointed out that JIT is a continuous goal oriented process in order to remove waste and increase productivity.

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You'd need to have a good working relationship with your suppliers so that they understand you might need to purchase smaller orders, which can, nevertheless, be delivered to your warehouse quickly.

Much more far-east firms began to take-hold the components and requirements of markets in all around the worldIt is related to inventory and the main subjects of JIT manufacturing are quality, elimination of waste- disposal and simplicity Aradhyea and Kallurkarb, ; Starr, ;Maiga and Jacobs, Lean Thinking is by definition not product or industry specific in its principles and in its application, even though its early roots were in the auto industry.

A large demand shock or a supply shock can lead to the inability to meet current demand. To identify those factors which eliminate and reduce the waste of resources; inappropriate processes and redundant waiting time in the production processes.

And, depending on your business needs, and for the reasons listed, JIT may not work for your company.

Pros & Cons of the JIT Inventory System

Referring back to Japanese manufacturing success in s, companies find the TQM and just-in-time JIT inventory management systems are some of most popular ways to have lower cost and high quality products Daniel and Reitsperger This study identified some of the important elements that are essential for the successful implementation of JIT mechanisms like proper physical resource management that include reduction of setup and preventive maintenance, human resource and quality management.

This approach was started in Japan firstly. Let's take a look at how it works: Total quality control has a significant positive impact on JIT implementation.

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TQM Total quality management has widened the production process to the whole company and suppliers not only manufacturing.

Though, relevant literature review reveals that the philosophy of successful implementation of JIT is based mainly on the efforts regardingseveral modifications that are to be undertaken before this implementation process.

For this purpose the openness of communication between management and employees is the pivotal necessity. Another survey study reported the benefits of JIT that include reduction in inventory, minimizing the lead time, quality improvement, and better equipment and employee utilization.

Final section concludes the study.So the next time someone in your service organization tries to tell you that “lean is just for manufacturing,” you’ll know better. Liker Leadership Institute (LLI) offers an innovative way to learn the secrets of lean leadership through an online education model that is itself lean, and extends that lean education far beyond the course materials.

Jun 30,  · Just-in-time (JIT) inventory systems started in Japan in the s and spread to the U.S. about a decade later. JIT is an inventory-management system that. JIT in services: a review 37 journals have been slow to consider moving JIT from the factory floor to non-manufacturing environments.

Mclachlin () examines the service aspects inherent in JIT operations. Maintains that, although service industries would benefit from research concerning the implementation of just‐in‐time (JIT) techniques, most research has focused on JIT only in manufacturing firms.

Jit Is Even for Service Industry Essay

A review of applied journals and articles, however, revealed JIT concepts. Examples of successful Implementation of JIT in service Industry McDonalds Inc. McDonalds is a fine example of successful JIT implementation in its process where it does not start the cooking (or heating) its orders until a customer has actually placed an order.

A Case Study of Just-In-Time System in Service Industry

Just-In-Time (JIT), the dignified process of waste reduction and has been a very popular operational strategy because of its success in the manufacturing and production industry over many years.

Jit is even for service industry
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