Marijuana research topics

For example, when rodents are repeatedly exposed to THC when they're young, they later show an enhanced response to other addictive substances—such as morphine or nicotine—in the areas of the brain that control reward, and they're more Marijuana research topics to show addiction-like behaviors.

Physical Effects Breathing problems. On Marijuana research topics one hand, the 5 nanogram limit unfairly criminalizes many law-abiding medical cannabis users who usually have higher levels of THC in their veins than your average Joe.

The easiest solution is check the available college paper examples available online for free use. A recent study on rats suggests that secondhand marijuana smoke can do as much damage to the heart and blood vessels as secondhand tobacco smoke.

Good sites to look for are educational and government sites, which end in the domain extensions. However, with the advent of legal marijuana, there has been an explosion of marijuana derivatives available on the market, from concentrated oils to topical creams.

5 Questions You Should Be Asking About Legal Weed (Even If You Support It)

Will pro-marijuana legislation outpace science? A New York Times survey of one Colorado hospital found that in the same period of time it had treated 14 children after consuming marijuana, it had seen "48 children who had swallowed acetaminophen — the active ingredient in Tylenol — and 32 who had accidentally taken antihistamines.

However, the initiative stated that doctors would be allowed to write a "prescription" for marijuana. Any essay type or topic Professional writers. The discovery sparked interest in finding specific chemicals made from marijuana that could be targeted for specific conditions. For example, marijuana use is linked to a higher likelihood of dropping out of school.

While a psychotic reaction can occur following any method of use, emergency room responders have seen an increasing number of cases involving marijuana edibles. In addition, more administrative districts are legalizing marijuana for recreational usage.

Medical marijuana in the U.S. - Statistics & Facts

Journal of Ethnopharmacology, April 21, With legal weed now being sold at stores around Colorado and soon in Washington state, others are considering riding the tide of popularity to lower enforcement costs and substantial tax revenues.

The retail sales of cannabis for recreational use have grown considerably sinceamounting to about 4. If you have problems locating materials, you may need to adjust your topic. The federal law regarding marijuana in the U. In addition, some of the possible negative consequences of medical marijuana legalization that were often used to argue against legalization have been found to be unsubstantiated.

All the notes you took when researching need to be organized according to where that information should be located in your paper. However, there are also studies that have shown that marijuana actually combats certain cancersand other studies that show no link at all.

As you can imagine, that makes approaching marijuana legalization difficult from a health policy angle. Anslinger While you can also give some stats or survey to make it more credible, for example; Latest survey has shown that over eighty three million Americans over the age of 12 had tested Marijuana at least once.

Recreational Marijuana - Statistics & Facts

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, Nature Reviews Cancer, Oct. Any essay or research paper start with creating an interesting and unique topic. Will it be about legalization? While New Mexico, for example, had a legal medical marijuana patient rate of 25 per 1, residents in MayIllinois had a rate of under two 1, residents.

Supporters and Opponents of Legalization Survey Report Public opinion about legalizing marijuana, while little changed in the past few years, has undergone a dramatic long-term shift.

When it comes to children, pro-marijuana advocates say that as with other substances, parents should ultimately be held responsible for keeping these substances out of the hands of kids. Two animal studies show that chemicals in marijuana may help symptoms of some forms of autism.

Further driving such skepticism about the ability of legal weed to conquer the black market is the fact that many people have a natural and understandable distrust of leaving a paper trail in their pursuit of marijuana. Medical marijuana growers or dispensaries are often called "caregivers" and may be limited to a certain number of plants or products per patient.

Council then put Initiative 59 on hold temporarily and unanimously approved modifications to the law.

Medical Marijuana: What the Research Shows

Higher THC levels may explain the rise in emergency room visits involving marijuana use. See text of measure below.

Alice Mead, vice president U. But some critics have also pointed to high-profile transgressions by early pot pioneers as evidence that the industry is already being corrupted by money.Land Use and Zoning Law.

Guide For Writing A Medical Marijuana Research Paper

Cities, towns, and counties in Washington State can choose to prohibit or to designate appropriate zones for state-licensed marijuana businesses because Washington local governments have authority to enact legislation regulating land uses within their jurisdictions.

Continued Research on Marijuana. No single organization tracks all research studies of medical marijuana and marijuana-based drugs and herbs. The following review is a summary of controlled. Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp all describe the same plant cannabis sativa.

Our mission is to distribute accurate and unbiased news about marijuana, cannabis, and hemp. Science is starting to prove how cannabis helps with epilepsy, migraines and more.

Here are some of 's most important marijuana research studies.

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Discover all statistics and data on Recreational Marijuana now on! Current research implies that marijuana is an aid of great worth in the medication of a broad range of clinical applications. They include relief of pain especially neuropathic pain, spasticity and nausea.

Marijuana research topics
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